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A band of rain associated with a low pressure system in the North Atlantic is expected to push over Ireland tonight. This will bring heavy rain to many parts to Ireland. 

This band is expected to persist over Ireland through tomorrow bringing very high rain totals.

On higher ground in the South West 99mm of rain is forecast in a 24 hour period on this mornings ECMWF model.

In South Kerry, Cork, Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow, South Kilkenny and Carlow totals of over 50mm is expected in a 24 hour period and over 70mm on higher ground.

By Friday morning 110mm is expected to have fallen on higher ground in the South West and over 60 – 70mm in many low lying areas in Southern Coastal Counties.

Total Rainfall predicted until Friday Morning. Pic by

The East of the country is expected to see over 50mm by Friday morning, the midlands and the West of the country is expected to see between 40 and 50mm of rain.

This could well lead to localised and river flooding.

I would expect warnings to be issued today by Met Eireann with a possibility of orange warnings!

Please take care!


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