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⚡ Thunderstorms Forecast for Ireland ⚡

Over the coming couple of days there is a risk of thunderstorms affecting Ireland.

Due to the heat in the last few days there is going to be a breakdown in our weather over the coming days as a low pressure system pushes towards Ireland from the South.

This low pressure system will bring the risk of thunderstorms as it increases the instability in the air which helps in the building of thunderstorms.

These thunderstorms will be isolated in nature and not all areas will see them. If they do occur then torrential rain and possibly hail could lead to isolated flooding. Frequent Lightning would also be expected.

There is a small chance of thunderstorms for the South initially tomorrow morning and this risk will move North East towards Connacht. Further thunderstorms are possible in the midlands in particular tomorrow afternoon as showers build. But again there is a risk of isolated thunderstorms around the country.

Check out our 3 day forecast by clicking the following link…

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