Warnings have been issued for thunderstorms and rain for today, view these at http://weatheralertsireland.com/warnings

Thunderstorms kicking off in the West around Galway this morning bringing torrential rain and frequent lightning

A band of rain will push up from the South East later this morning.

This could include the risk of thunderstorms as it moves over land.

These would be isolated but could include heavy rain and hail which may lead to localised flooding. Frequent lightning would also be expected.

As this rain moves further North it does appear the risk of thunderstorms reduces so the highest risk would be South East coastal counties.

Later this afternoon there is a possibility of thunderstorms building in the West around North Munster and South Connacht. These would be isolated so not all areas seeing them if they were to occur.

Pic by wxcharts.com

Please take care if you are near thunderstorms as driving conditions would be difficult.

Cover pic by wxcharts.com

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