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❄️⛄ Snow is forecast for tomorrow night! ⛄❄️

The ECMWF model is forecasting snow for tomorrow night into Tuesday.

It is hard to believe as it is so mild out there but a big change is on the way as much colder air is expected to push down over Ireland.

A low pressure system will bring rain to many parts of the North of Ireland tomorrow. This system will slowly move South and cold Air will push down very quickly from the North to meet this weather system. This drop in temperature could well allow the rain to turn to snow in parts.

Snow could fall as low as 100 metres based on the ECMWF model in many parts of Connacht and North Munster overnight tomorrow into Tuesday.

Some accumulations are possible, mainly on higher ground but some on lower ground too!

Snow Depth by 8am Tuesday on the ECMWF morning model

This cold air is set to persist for much of this week and heavy showers are expected to push in and some of these could well be wintry.

Please keep an eye on forecasts by Weather Alerts Ireland.

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  1. Rachel O Neill

    For goodness sake yesterday yous said South East was getten snow now munster n other places, honosley I dnt tink yous have a clue your self’s. Your weather news is never rite. Tink yous need go get another day job.

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