You are currently viewing 🥶❄️ Cold Air is expected early next week! ❄️🥶

🥶❄️ Cold Air is expected early next week! ❄️🥶

After the record breaking temperatures recorded last night, more info found at, next week is to start mild before much colder air pushes down over Ireland.

On Monday evening into Tuesday colder Arctic Air is expected to push down over Ireland making it feel much colder!

This cold air looks to dominate for most of next week as some warmer air pushes in before more colder air follows.

With this cold air snow is possible and it is in the forecast. Weather Alerts Ireland will keep you up to date with this.

It is also set to be windy at times next week with many low pressure systems pushing towards Ireland.

Please keep up to date with forecasts by Weather Alerts Ireland.

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