You are currently viewing HIGH PRESSURE and SUN for the weekend!!

HIGH PRESSURE and SUN for the weekend!!

High Pressure will start to build over Ireland on Friday and it bring settled conditions over the weekend with some very nice prolonged sunny spells.

Both Saturday and Sunday will be dry and calm and some very nice sun, Saturday could bring drizzle to the East coast but away from here it is forecast to be very sunny! On Sunday it could be slightly cloudier near the South Coast.

Temperatures will struggle to rise as colder air will be over Ireland. 10 degrees is possible in the West and South Coasts but it will be chilly.

Overnight temperatures on Saturday and Sunday are expected to drop to -3 degrees and coldest in the West on Saturday morning and the South on Sunday morning.

After the weekend it is expected to become more unsettled with low pressure system systems moving towards Ireland from the Atlantic.

Please keep up to date with forecasts by Weather Alerts Ireland.



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