Pic by Meteociel.fr of max temperature on Saturday on the ECMWF model

After all this cold, wet and windy weather temperatures are on the up and could reach 12 or 13 degrees over the weekend.

The latest ECMWF model is showing parts of Ireland hitting 12 degrees on Saturday

The only issue with this warmer weather is that is is accompanied with heavy rain and quite windy weather so it probably wont feel that warm.

In parts over 25 mm of rain is exacted to fall in 24 hours which could lead to localised flooding on Saturday into Sunday.

Sunday looks to be more showers but cool with temperatures down to single figures.

There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the end of the weekend into next week but the GFS model is showing higher temperatures for Monday and Tuesday and could possible reach 15 degrees in parts but rain not too far away! The ECMWF is showing much cooler temperatures.

Pic by Meteociel.fr of max temperature on Tuesday on the GFS model

Later next week the models are showing cooler weather for Ireland and return to frost and possibly snow.

Pic by wxcharts.com of Upper Air Temperatures at end of next week with colder air over Ireland
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